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Kids don’t come with a manual, but this is the next-best thing.The Decoded Parenting site covers all aspects of parenting, from infancy through teens, and beyond.

Decoded Parenting writers are all experts in their field. From explanations of current childrearing theories and philosophies, to on-the-spot tips from parenting professionals, Decoded Parenting provides everything you need to make raising your family a little bit easier. Tips and tricks, research, parenting resources, and the latest guidance from trained professionals will all be found at Decoded Parenting.

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We are looking for writers who are considered experts in the parenting field – with a degree, certification, job experience, or other tangible qualification; some examples might be family therapists, daycare workers, teachers, early childhood specialists, health care professionals, nurses, doctors, social workers, book authors, child psychologists, and of course, many will also be parents who meet the expert criteria.
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